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The woman behind the curtain is not your average cookie lady – she’s way more rad.

Allison Newgard

Head Cookie Scooper

Allison Newgard is not your average cookie lady. She actually might roll her eyes at the kitschy title, but she’s a cookie lady nonetheless.

After all, she knows all her recipes by heart, can smell when a cookie is done before it burns and makes her own vanilla extract and brown sugar. Can you say cookie wizard?

While Allison started baking when she was young, she also has a culinary degree, years of restaurant experience and the keen ability to whip up outlandish and incredibly delicious flavor combinations.

Her cookies are creative and spunky, with nostalgic flavors like peanut butter, dried strawberries and Cheez-Its, inviting cafeteria flashbacks in her Magic Lunchbox cookie. Feeling a little angsty? Try her unemployment cookie with rich buttercream frosting, molasses and burnt sugar.

Allison’s cookies are as unorthodox as cookies get, but at the end of the day, she’s still making an American classic. Cookies are to Allison what hugs are to others – familiar and individually unique.

There’s no playing it safe when it comes to Kitchen Sink Cookies and that’s exactly how Allison plans to keep it.